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Kim_200x200I'm Kim Gould.  I've been teaching Human Design since 2004.

A few years ago a client asked where I was getting all the additional information I was sharing with her.  I began explaining about the meaning of each planet in her design. She was amazed and delighted.  That's when I decided to create this PlayGroup for you.

We are all experiencing an increasing desire to turn up in the world as our most authentic self.  We are having to deal with constant change and new challenges.  The planets bring an understanding of yourself that you won't get from just looking at the gates alone.  They add a new layer of personal meaning - your personal mythology - that creates a more human feel in the chart.  Your planets also illuminate why you do what you do.   Why are you so emotionally sensitive, even though your Solar Plexus Centre is defined?  Why do you love expensive shoes?  What can you do to bring stability into your life without losing your freedom?




Your design chart is a holistic tool of consciousness.  As you learn about the relationships between the planets your chart will come to life as a whole entity rather than bits and pieces.   Pluto is the only planet that operates alone, and that's because he is the gateway to our new galactic consciousness.

The Planets PlayGroup consists of 14 weekly online classes.  (What's a webinar?)  You receive a handout for each planet, with specific questions to support your understanding of how the planet operates in your life.  Each live class includes a 45 minute presentation plus 60 minutes group discussion.  You receive a video recording of each class, and have access to a discussion forum where participants can share their own planetary experiences, and learn from each other, regardless of the level of experience in Human Design.

The new Planets PlayGroup begins in August 2013.  Sign up for the Love Your Design newsletter so you'll know when registrations open. 


What participants in previous Planets PlayGroups said:


The thoughtful intelligence, openness, and shared warmth between class participants was an extra boon and made it the much anticipated, favorite time of the week for me.

Taking a planet a week has allowed the energy to really come in and be visible, each of my weeks seems flavored by the weekly planet in ways I don't always realize until listening to your insights in the class! It has been quite a fascinating experience...very experiential on all levels!
I've REALLY loved connecting with the participants thru their charts and activations- and I've so appreciated the wisdom, Kim you and the others bring to the discussions.

I am beginning to make the planetary connections and have renewed my efforts to understand the different centers better. The PlayGroup also opened up an avenue of resources which I had not had before.

(Anonymous comments shared with permission)



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