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Using Asteroids in Human Design

Many people are interested to know what’s beyond the standard Human Design chart.  We know how precise Human Design can be.  Asteroids add even more precision. They are an astonishing tool for understanding the underlying stories of our lives.

When we learn how to use the Asteroids in our Human Design we completely shift the way we relate to our chart.   Asteroids can impact our Type, Strategy and Authority.

In this 4 week online class you will learn how to locate any asteroid in your Human Design.  We'll also be exploring some really important asteroids like Vesta, Juno, Psyche and Kassandra.   In each PlayGroup, there is a 2 hour weekly online class and you receive a video recording of the class to keep.  You also have access to the class forum where you can share and learn with the other participants between classes.





I look forward to each class. I have taken courses with other Human Design teachers, but was frustrated that they stayed on the surface of things. Kim is not afraid to teach from the deep end of the pool! Though she explains concepts in a simple understandable way, there is a LOT of information in each class that I will be able to keep working with (“playing!”) for a long time to come. Kim takes her students very personally into the depths of HD and invites exploration into their own design.


Your Flourishing Business

The Human Design System is one of the most astonishing business tools on the planet.  It contains the coding for your shift to a new quantum reality where the idea of success is entirely different.

We are no longer satisfied being cogs in the machine.  You, and other people just like you, want to make a unique and authentic offering to the world.  One of the most powerful ways to do that is through your own business.

Your business has the potential to change everything.

This is a 12 week online class that takes you from the big vision through to a business plan.  Business has changed and this PlayGroup supports you to make the shift, to express who you truly came into this life to be.


Flourishing Business PlayGroup

Your Subtle Layers in Human Design



Your Subtle Layers

In this 6 week online class you’ll be  introduced to the concept of the Subtle Layer charts.

The standard Human Design chart is only a small part of our functioning. Most of who we are comes through us from other dimensions. Those dimensions can be explored in the Subtle Layers of your Human Design.  We'll learn about the Interactive, Spiritual and Dream, Spiritual Expression and Lunar Sleep (sometimes called the DreamRave) charts.

The Subtle Layers can dramatically shift your concept of Strategy and Authority, giving you access to strategies that are only available in your higher dimensional being.


Your Subtle Layers in Human Design





I think you are absolutely brilliant and I just love, love, LOVE your teaching style, reach, and orientation. What a pleasure!



The Planets in Human Design

A 13 week online class exploring all the planets in your Human Design chart, plus Chiron and Ceres.  This is a powerful way to go deeply into the meaning of each gate in your design.

Each week between classes, you'll receive a weekly handout with questions specific to each planet to help you integrate what you lean in class.  And there's the chance for additional sharing on the PlayGroup forum with other participants.



The Planets In Human Design




Taking a planet a week has allowed the energy to really come in and be visible, each of my weeks seems flavored by the weekly planet in ways I don't always realize until listening to your insights in the class! It has been quite a fascinating experience...very experiential on all levels!




Soul Progressions in Human Design

In this 8 week PlayGroup we  explore your personal pattern of soul growth through your own unique six year solar cycles and annual lunar cycles.  You will learn how to adapt the popular astrological predictive technique called Secondary Progressions to your personal Human Design. For people with a high level of awareness, this pattern is often more relevant than the ‘natal’ or standard chart.

You’ll learn how to create the Progressed Human Design chart for each year of your life, and how to understand the impact of your personal soul cycles.  More about Progressions in Human Design.    


Soul Progressions In Human Design





Learning the placements of my progressed planets has been a weekly experience of "ah ha!" moments! I've been able to gain a much better idea of why certain themes in certain areas of life are coming up so loudly and touching so many areas...and I get to see what is coming up in the future as well, which is super cool. As far as PlayGroup learning in general, I find it so enriching to hear other's perspectives on the subject material, the celebrity charts we view, as well as the charts of those in the class and my own. The multiple perspectives brings so much to the table and helps me understand not only my own unique perspective,

Testimonials are anonymous feedback from 2013 PlayGroup participants, used with permission.