Soul Progressions PlayGroup

People sometimes ask me if the gates ever shift in their design. The answer to that question is no ....  and yes!

Your standard chart remains unchanged throughout your life. In some ways, that doesn't make sense, because you know there is constant change in your life.  Things are always moving, there are always new challenges and opportunities.

Where do we find that movement in Human Design?  It's in the Soul Progressions.


The Soul Progressions PlayGroup is a deep dive into your personal evolutionary pattern.  

I'm Kim Gould.  I've been teaching Human Design since 2004.

About 4 years ago I started looking at how the astrological technique of progressions might work in Human Design. Progressions are one of the most popular predictive techniques used by astrologers.  I discovered that they are even more powerful when applied to Human Design.

No one understands WHY Progressions work, but let me  tell you a bit about HOW they work.  For some reason, the first few days of your life provide an exact blueprint for the opportunities and challenges you will face throughout your entire life.  Each one of those early days corresponds to a whole year.  It's like a hologram - each year is represented by one day.  We can access this amazing personal pattern by looking at the charts for the first few days of your life.  For example, your fortieth year is guided and influenced by where the planets were positioned exactly 40 days after you were born.

The Progressed Human Design chart will usually speak more clearly about what is going on in our lives than the standard chart.  That's because it is a code or evolutionary pattern that is unique to you.  Transits are the same for everyone - Pluto is transiting in Gate 38 today for everyone on the planet.  Everyone has their Saturn return at around age 28 and their Uranus opposition at around age 42.

Progressions are not like that.  They are very personal, with their own shape and rhythm.   Read more about Progressed Charts in Human Design here.

I have spent years adapting the progressions  to the Human Design System, and in this PlayGroup I will share those techniques with you.  They help our understanding of both the past, the present and the future.  You can use these techniques to better understand your own life, and you can use them to support the understanding of others - friends, family, even clients.

This is such a powerful technique that I never do a personal session unless I've got the client's progressed charts in front of me.  They are simply too valuable to ignore.



What people are saying about the Soul Progressions PlayGroup


I am so excited be taking the Soul Progressions class. I've been feeling it's relevance every day. When I was introduced to the standard chart it was a great gift, but it didn't always feel like "me right now". Learning Soul Progressions is giving me the tools to better understand myself and others (evolving!).


....  the flexible space you hold that allows for open feedback, even mid-session. It makes things more approachable and strips away the fear of "is this worth saying/maybe I shouldn't say it, I might get something wrong" that I find is a big barrier to learning, especially in this format. So thank you for that!
testimonials  from anonymous participants, used with permission


When we reach a certain level of awareness, life starts to throw up a new set of challenges.  Rather than focusing inwards so much, we begin to look out into the world.   We begin to see where our inner and outer worlds are not in alignment.  We feel a deep yearning to express our soul purpose in a powerful and creative way. The Progressions give precise information on your personal cycles of development, information that you can use to understand your challenges and opportunities.

If you are interested in learning a new way to look more deeply into the significance of your everyday experiences, you'll love the Soul Progressions PlayGroup.   If you are working professionally with Human Design, this PlayGroup will give you an introduction to a powerful new tool for helping clients understand their current life processes, and how to make the most of them.


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Over  6 weeks you'll learn about

  •  overall concepts of how to apply Progressions in Human Design
  •  techniques for creating a Progressed Human Design chart
  •  significance of each planet in it's journey through your life
  •  techniques and principles to work more effectively with your progressions


As part of your PlayGroup registration, you will receive

  • Six weekly 30 minute recorded video presentations for each module
  • Six weekly handouts highlighting specific concepts to support your understanding of the material
  • Six weekly live Q&A classes where we look at your charts and you get to ask questions and share your experiences with the other participants
  • A video recording of each live Q&A class to keep
  • Access to a private discussion forum to deepen your learning through discussion and sharing. 


Classes begin on

Sydney: Wednesday 9th April  at 10.30am AEST

USA:  Tuesday 8th April at PDT: 5pm, EDT: 8pm.

Classes run for 6 weeks.




Pay in 1 instalment of $360 USD



Pay in 3 fortnightly instalments of $147 USD