Subtle Layers PlayGroup

SpiritualLayerThe standard Human Design chart is only a small part of our functioning and many people struggle to fit within it's confines.  Those parts of you are too often written off as 'the not self', but much of who we are comes through us from other dimensions.

While the standard chart is extremely important, it's main purpose is to integrate the more subtle layers of our selves.  One of the most rewarding parts of my work with Human Design clients is to open them up to a more expanded sense of self through their Subtle Layers.

In this Subtle Layers PlayGroups we'll be learning about three subtle layer charts - the Interactive, Spiritual and Spiritual Expression Charts.

Subtle Layers, Spiritual Layers

Multi-Dimensional Human Design is about recognising how we interact with subtle worlds and layers of self to become more conscious of them, and of ourselves as multidimensional beings.  We have some recognition of these more subtle aspects of ourselves, but we can find it hard to bring them to full waking consciousness.

The Subtle Layer charts show how we shift through the layers of our being and guide us in integrating and anchoring them.  In this PlayGroup you'll discover nuances of self, a higher resonance of being and a guide to how you can best share those aspects of yourself with the world.  The Subtle Layers can dramatically shift your concept of Strategy and Authority, giving you access to strategies that are only available in your higher dimensional being.


Over  6 weeks you’ll learn about

  •  concepts of the Subtle Layer charts in Human Design
  •  the function of each of the four charts - standard (Waking Consciousness), Interactive, Spiritual and Spiritual Expression
  •  significance of each chart in your life
  •  techniques and principles to work more effectively with your Subtle Layer charts

As part of your PlayGroup registration, you’ll receive

  • a full copy of your personal Subtle Layer Charts
  • a weekly handout highlighting specific concepts to support your understanding of the material
  • a weekly live class that includes a 45 minute live presentation by Kim Gould,  plus 60 minutes group discussion
  • a video recording of each class to keep
  • access to a discussion forum where participants can share their own experiences, and learn from each other, regardless of the level of experience in Human Design.

The classes begin on 24th July 2013.  



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