What’s A PlayGroup?

The Love Your Design PlayGroups are a unique opportunity to delve deeply into particular areas of Emergent Human Design.  There is a beautiful sharing and alchemy as the groups develop a fluency in the subject area. We play at a deep and profound level, exploring the alchemy of your creative emergence.

Each PlayGroup has three components -

  • a live online gathering (usually weekly),
  • an ongoing group discussion forum, and
  • regular handouts (your learning content).


Sketch11151255It's not a place where you get told what to think.  Instead this is a peer to peer process, where I act as facilitator and guide.  In this process we can each share fully regardless of our level of knowledge, and we get to use lots of different learning styles - not just our heads!  It's aimed at bringing our learning closer to our own personal reality, rather than making it more abstract and intellectual.  When we learn abstract ideas we tend to try to fit ourselves into the model.  That's not what we're aiming for here, rather we seek the personal wisdom that emerges.  This is an emerging collaborative learning style that is much more powerful than traditional ways of learning.

Truth is not universal, and it's not centralised.  The Love Your Design Learning Hub is a project committed to a multifaceted exploration of the role that the Human Design System can play in our day to day lives, to support our process of continual emergence.