Would you like to learn more about the Human Design System?

A lot of what you find on the internet about Human Design is superficial, full of keywords and jargon and difficult to apply to your own life. Some of it is just plain wrong.

These online courses are designed to take you step-by-step through your experiment with the Human Design System. Starting with Type, Strategy and Authority, we will uncover the uniqueness of you.

You'll also find all the Emergent Human Design courses here - asteroids and dwarf planets, Galactic Human Design, the Multidimensional layers, Holographic Human Design and more. 

From Human Design newbie to professional, there is always so much more to explore. 


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Hi, and welcome to the Love Your Design learning hub

I'm Kim Gould and this is where I get to share all my years of Human Design experience with you!

I've been passionately exploring the Human Design System since 2003, doing readings, coaching, teaching, questioning and researching. Along the way I've developed new techniques like Holographic Human Design. I've spent over a decade working with asteroids and the Multidimensional Matrix layers. I hope you enjoy the courses!
Kim Gould || Love Your Design