Discover how to use your Human Design to reactivate your feminine wisdom

In this rich and deep course, we will guide you on a journey to recover your original self.

There is a big story, an important reason for discovering the Asteroids in your Human Design. While the planets, with the exception of Venus, were named after masculine archetypes, the feminine archetypes are found in the asteroids. Which are not in your standard Human Design chart. It is here, in this archetypal layer of Human Design, that we find the stories of women over the ages and the way home to ourselves. In this course you will discover how important the Asteroids are to understanding your part the current re-activation of feminine wisdom. There is a wellspring here, hidden for over 5,000 years, of a particular kind of wisdom. Each Goddess Asteroid has a superficial meaning - Juno is the wife, Ceres the mother. If we dig deeper we can strip off the false stories that the Greek and Roman cultures laid over the ancient matriarchal mythologies.

What's Included

8 modules || 26 goddess asteroids

  • 1

    Meet the Goddess Asteroids

    • Welcome!

    • Link to Taraka for your Emergent HD Charts

    • Feminine Asteroids Course Map

    • Read: Your Introduction to Using Asteroids in Human Design

    • Listen: Asteroids in Human Design - The Big Picture

    • Watch: Guide to Visual Journaling

  • 2

    Mother and Child

    • Watch: Mother and Child

    • Activity: Mother and Child PlaySheet

  • 3

    Disempowered Daughters

    • Watch: Disempowered Daughters

    • Activity: Disempowered Daughters PlaySheet

  • 4

    Goddess of Hope

    • Watch: Goddess of Hope

    • Activity: Hope PlaySheet

  • 5

    Divine Union

    • Watch: Divine Union

    • Activity: Divine Union PlaySheet

  • 6


    • Watch: Destiny

    • Activity: Destiny PlaySheet

  • 7

    Dark Goddess

    • Watch: Dark Goddess

    • Activity: Dark Goddess PlaySheet

  • 8


    • Watch: Health and Wellbeing

    • Activity: Health and Wellbeing PlaySheet

Join me and Carolyn Jayn

A Deep Dive Into the Feminine Aspects of Your Human Design

HI there, I'm Kim Gould. I was thrilled to be joined by artist and mythologist Carolyn Jayne for this deep dive into 26 feminine archetypes, viewed through the lens of your Human Design.
Kim Gould || Love Your Design