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a radical unfolding of your uniqueness

A 3-month online gathering for women who are exploring their potential within a changing world. We will meet in small groups to radically expand our sense of self and who 'we' are.

this group is designed for you

  • if you are unsure about where to next, but have an intense urge to go there

  • if you want to explore within a safe supportive group of like-minded women

  • if you are ready to re-imagine who you are and how to live there every day

what others are saying

some feedback from previous Emergent Women's Program participants

  • The program was hugely important to me. I didn't want it to ever finish. It's given me the courage to change. (L.H. UK)

  • The Emergent Womens program was integral to me having a major breakthrough in my life. Plus there is the feeling of belonging, of supporting each other. (A.D. UK)

  • Kim has knowledge that is tremendously important, and an ability to translate at a deep level what is going on in this world. (B.C. Serbia)

what's included

  • We will meet live on zoom weekly, and connect in between calls in a private community here in the Learning Hub. 
  • You will have access to Kim to ask questions and get feedback through the program. About anything. 
  • We are exploring through the lens of Human Design, including the feminine archetypes and multidimensional layers. 
  • This is a mentoring program, and we are dedicated to your real and authentic, fully embodied, transformation. 

how to live in challenging times

These are not easy times, but they are calling us out of our comfort zones, asking for our full participation. 

How do we balance strength and gentleness? How do we nourish ourselves and make ourselves available for what's calling us into the world? How do we trust ourselves, to be who we truly know ourselves to be? 

It's time for us to grow beyond love and light. We have to claim the power of the feminine, the dark, the fecund, the destructive and the creative. This is a new kind of love for self, and love for our world. 

We created this instability, because we outgrew the world we were born into. Now we are at the edge, can we learn to fly? I created this program because I know you can.  And that we are all stronger if we have a hand to hold. 


  • What do you mean by mentoring?

    Mentoring is about helping you achieve a deeply important personal goal. Most people don't have trust in their dreams. This program is about giving you the personal attention and support you need to clarify what you want in your life and to understand how to bring those dreams to life.

  • Do I need to know all about my Human Design?

    This is not a Human Design course. It's a program informed by Human Design knowledge and experimentation. If you have never had a reading with Kim it is worthwhile doing that before the program begins, to create a good foundation.

  • How much personal attention will I get?

    This is a small group. There will be time during each live call for you to bring up issues that you would like to discuss, and to get feedback from Kim and your fellow participants. You can also ask for feedback at any time in the community forum.

  • What if I miss a live call?

    All the live calls will be recorded and available for download. If you aren't able to make a call you can post any questions you might have, or feedback you would like, in the community forum beforehand.

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