Beginners Guide to Asteroids

Unlocking your Archetypal Layer

You may have heard of astrologers using Asteroids for a more detailed and personal reading of the astrology chart. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to work with Asteroids in your Human Design?

The answer is YES!

This Beginners Guide gives you all you need to know to begin exploring the Asteroids in your Human Design.

Kim Gould has been teaching and using Asteroids in Human Design since 2005 and has a deeply intuitive understanding of how to apply these energies in your life. In this course Kim shares steps to discover: 

  1. Where to find the Asteroids in your Design
  2. Which of the tens of thousands of Asteroids are most important in your life
  3. The meaning of each Asteroid
  4. How the Asteroids help you delve more deeply into your Design

Asteroids hold the key to our current evolutionary shifts

The Human Design System represents your DNA blueprint in this life. 

The Asteroids reveal your personal archetypal journey. You can learn about archetypes in other systems, but this information is unique. Nowhere else will you find the depth, personal detail and precision of exploring the Asteroids through your Emergent Human Design. 

You will also learn the big picture story of why the Asteroids are key to current evolutionary shifts in consciousness. 

Plus you will get practical exercises to support you to apply this new information in your day to day life. 

Where is the Feminine DNA in your Design? 

This Beginners Guide will also introduce you to the Feminine DNA in your Human Design. 

Where is your Feminine DNA?

 In your Asteroids.!

Come join us and meet your inner Juno, Psyche, Pandora, Persephone, Hekate, Isis, Ophelia ..... 

There are literally thousands of feminine archetypal energies in your Design. 

This course opens a portal for you to meet them. Click the button below to begin.

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What's included?

6 Videos
5 Multimedia
2 Texts
Kim Gould
Kim Gould
Creator | Love Your Design

About the instructor

Consciousness Mentor, Human Design Specialist, Coach and Teacher

Your old ways of doing and being aren't working anymore.

Emergent Human Design is THE TOOL for consciousness, bringing ancient esoteric and modern sciences into one PERSONAL chart that's all about YOU!

I deeply live what I teach, and have been mentoring, coaching and teaching people from all around the world, supporting them to access their own unique way to create personal change since 2004.

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