Beginners Guide to Holographic Human Design

Your personal evolutionary growth pattern

Your Holographic Human Design Layer follows the movement of the planets for the first few months after you were born, and writes the story of your life in the seeds of your early experience. 

Based on the popular astrological technique of Secondary Progressions and adapted to Human Design by Kim Gould over many years, the Holographic Layer chart shows your unique pattern of evolutionary growth. 

It is an incredibly precise map of your unique daily process of growth. 

This course is your step-by-step guide to understanding your Holographic Human Design layer.  

Course Curriculum

Your Holographic HD Layer
Your Unique Evolutionary Code
What Does My Holographic Layer Mean
Kim Gould
Kim Gould
Creator | Love Your Design

About the instructor

Consciousness Mentor, Human Design Specialist, Coach and Teacher

Your old ways of doing and being aren't working anymore.

Emergent Human Design is THE TOOL for consciousness, bringing ancient esoteric and modern sciences into one PERSONAL chart that's all about YOU!

I deeply live what I teach, and have been mentoring, coaching and teaching people from all around the world, supporting them to access their own unique way to create personal change since 2004.

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