This course will be available in November 2021

The Multidimensional Matrix in Human Design

Did you know you have more than one Human Design chart? The standard Human Design chart is only a small part of our functioning and many people struggle to fit within its confines. Those parts of you are too often written off as ‘the not self’, but much of who we are comes through us from other dimensions.

This course answers questions like

The Subtle Layer charts show how we shift through the layers of our being and guide us in integrating and anchoring them. The Multidimensional layers dramatically shift your concept of Strategy and Authority, giving you access to strategies that are only available in your higher dimensional being.

  • How does my Type shift when I'm operating at my highest level?

  • What is my highest co-creative purpose and how can I fulfill it?

  • How can I find my strongest area of conditioning in my Human Design and turn it into a gift?

  • What have I switched on and off in my standard Human Design chart?

Welcome to the Multidimensional Matrix!

Let's explore your subtle layers of being.

I've been using the multidimensional chart layers with my clients since 2005. They bring extraordinary additional dimensions to your understanding of your Design. We are all accustomed to the look of our Human Design chart – we know our Type and Strategy. But what if this was only part of the story? What if there was more to your Human Design than that one single chart layer? Email us at if you'd like to be the first to know when this course goes live.
Kim Gould || Love Your Design