Understanding the Just Now chart

Explore the opportunities and challenges of the Human Design transits

Human Design transits show how the movement of the planets creates inner shifts and external events in your life. Unlike astrological transits, which use aspects, houses and signs, Human Design transits happen in gates and centres.

This course answers questions like

You can learn how to understand the daily movement of the planets and how they influence your life through your Human Design chart.

  • What is a Human Design transit?

  • Three important ways planetary transits impact on your Design.

  • Different planet groups and why you should notice them

  • What each planet means when it's transiting

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is a transit?

    • A quick update

    • What is a transit?

    • An Introduction to HD Transits - Ebook

  • 2

    Human Design Transits are different!

    • Human Design transits are different!

  • 3

    Planetary Groupings and Why They Are Important

    • Planetary Groupings and Why They Are Important

  • 4

    What Each Planet Means

    • What Each Planet Means

Welcome to the world of Human Design transits!

I'm going to share with you the three main ways transits influence your Design.

Hi, I'm Kim Gould. One of the most common questions I'm asked is "how do the transiting planets affect my Design?" In this course I give you the answers. Human Design transits are not like astrology, where the planets go around in a neat circle, always predictable. In Human Design, they leap around the gates and centres, sometimes connecting to definition in your Design, and other times not. Enjoy your exploration of the transits and how they influence your life!
Kim Gould || Love Your DesignEnrol